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To transform Earth Observation and geospatial data into actionable information for businesses and organizations to improve their location based products and services.


Our expertise and proven results in automatic information extraction from imagery and data analysis will help provide and deliver scalable solutions for our customers.


EOXPLORE can provide your organization wtih big data geoprocessing services. We can develop new techniques and run specialised data processing workflows that can boost your business. Our focus is on remotely sensed imagery, spatial statistics, and location specific thematic information.

Customised Solutions

Our goal is to transform your geospatial and image data into actionable business information. EOXPLORE can provide expertise in algorithm and methodology development as well as data analysis based on your requirements. The solutions we provide can bring your ideas and products to market faster.

Scaling Your Business

Automation and artificial intelligence are at the heart of our expertise because we understand scalable solutions are necessary for success. Our cloud computing know-how can help you deliver these solutions in a more cost effective way. Together, EOXPLORE and your organization can make it happen.

About Us

Geospatial technology is our specialty!

Being at the leading edge and pushing the computing envelope is what excites us.
Research, coding, and hardware tinkering is what our team does best.