A pan-European Manning Coefficient

Flood modeling is one of the tools used to better understand the potential effects of flooding. Information about the surface roughness is required by many flood models in order to calculate accurate residence and travel times of water flows within a given catchment.

In hydrological and hydraulic models, the surface roughness is most often represented by the Manning’s coefficient (n), which is an empirical parameter for the resistance to surface flow exerted by the land surface and is typically applied for gravity-driven, uniform, fully developed flows in rough open channel flow problems (see references below for more information). An explanation of the Manning coefficient equation can be viewed on Wikipedia.

Based on the requirements related to two projects in which EOXPLORE was a partner: FLOODIS and MELODIES, it was necessary that roughness coefficients were available at the pan-European scale in order to better model flood events quickly.
The following image shows the extent of the coverage of the pan-European Manning coefficient.

The data is being prepared for sharing. Stay tuned!